Debates, Party Splits, Campaign Drama, Comer vs. Raskin on Biden and Trump – On The PM DUM Show!

1. Comer vs. Raskin: Debating Biden and Trump – A detailed examination of contrasting perspectives on the policies and leadership of Biden and Trump.
2. Should Political Parties Split? – A critical look at the potential benefits and drawbacks of splitting the major U.S. political parties into smaller factions.
3. Holding Mayorkas Accountable: Rand Paul’s Interrogation – Analysis of Senator Rand Paul’s confrontation with Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over alleged dishonesty.
4. Biden and Trump’s Secret Phone Call: A Comedic Spin – A lighthearted interpretation of a fictional phone call between Biden and Trump, highlighting the humor in politics.
5. Trump vs. Biden Campaign Stops: Charisma and Awkwardness – A comparison of the charismatic and awkward moments from Trump’s and Biden’s respective campaign stops.

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