Supreme Court’s Ruling Could Free Capitol Rioters

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling restricts the obstruction charges for Capitol riot defendants, requiring proof of tampering or destroying documents. This decision impacts around 50 defendants convicted solely of obstruction, with potential sentence reductions or releases. The ruling could influence perceptions of fairness in the Justice Department’s prosecutions related to the January 6 events.

Why Waiting for the Debate to Decide Your Vote Is Pointless

As we approach yet another round of political debates, it’s time to address a fundamental question: if you’re waiting for a debate to decide who you’re voting for, perhaps you should sit this one out. With 48 years of Biden’s policies versus nine years of Trump’s impactful tenure, the choice should be clear by now.

How Christians Are Reclaiming Their Values in the Face of LGBTQ Overreach

During the 1970s through the 1990s, the LGBTQ community sought acceptance within the United States, facing significant opposition from both political parties. Christian conservatives resisted due to ideological differences and family values, while Democrats feared alienating other minority groups. This article explores the rapid acceptance of the LGBTQIA2S+ movement, the backlash from conservative Christians, and the recent efforts to reclaim Christian values in public life, highlighting the importance of the separation of church and state.

Biden’s Ministry of Truth: Orwellian Censorship in America

In a chilling echo of Orwell’s dystopian vision, President Biden’s administration has flirted with the concept of a “Ministry of Truth.” This isn’t just a hypothetical nightmare; Biden and Obama have already paved the way for such totalitarian overreach, as revealed by the Snowden leaks. The Stanford Internet Observatory’s collaboration with federal officials to censor conservative voices marks a disturbing step toward government control and censorship.

Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision on Bump Stocks: A Victory for the Second Amendment

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down the federal ban on bump stocks reaffirms the importance of the Second Amendment and its role in empowering wounded veterans and disabled shooters. This landmark ruling emphasizes that more laws do not necessarily prevent crime, as criminals do not follow laws, while adaptive equipment like bump stocks provides essential support for disabled individuals to engage in shooting sports.

Why the Congressional Softball Game Is a Waste of Time

I love baseball and I love politics, but combining the two? Not so much. The annual congressional softball game, intended as a display of bipartisan camaraderie, has become a glaring symbol of wasted time and misplaced priorities. This year’s game, disrupted by climate protesters and Hamas supporters, underscored the deep divisions in our society. It’s time for our politicians to step up to the plate and focus on the real issues facing our nation.

Russian Warships in Cuba: Echoes of the Cuban Missile Crisis

The presence of Russian warships in Cuban waters is a stark reminder of the Cold War-era tensions and the delicate balance of global power. As Putin signals his readiness to escalate in response to U.S. actions in Ukraine, the echoes of the Cuban Missile Crisis resonate, underscoring the need for diplomacy and strategic communication. The world once again watches as global leaders navigate this high-stakes game of geopolitical chess.

“Climate Friendly Beef” Is Here and It’s Terrifying

Some are old enough to remember when cigarettes often came with safety labels that made them seem healthy to the public. There was the infamous “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette” ads. Sometimes they’d use fancy words in foreign languages to make people think their cigarettes were safe, such as “The wisdom behind the du Maurier Filter.” Then, there’s the Lucky Strike slogan made famous by the television show Mad Men: “It’s toasted.”