Morgan vs. Kiswani, Rittenhouse’s Survivor, Mayorkas, and Hogg’s Tactics – On The PM DUM Show!

On this episode of “The DUM Show,” we explore a range of provocative topics across the U.S. political landscape:

1. Piers Morgan and Nerdeen Kiswani: A fiery debate on free speech with activist Nerdeen Kiswani.
2. Les Armstrong Interview: Insights from the man who survived an encounter with Kyle Rittenhouse.
3.Mayorkas Impeachment Discussion: An analysis of the political ramifications surrounding the potential impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas.
4. Military Spending Insights: A look into the costs associated with Air Force equipment, specifically bag bushings.
5. David Hogg’s Activism: David Hogg’s door-to-door campaign tactics and their impact on local politics.

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