From Joe Biden’s ice cream, to the Moon Landing… we got you covered.

Welcome to The DUM Show Live, where hosts Amy, Matt, and Olivia bring you an engaging lineup of discussions covering the day’s most pressing topics!

We start the show with Matt diving into the complexities of computer issues and what the show was late because of them.

Next, our hosts delve into the controversial figures of Joel Olsteen and recent headlines surrounding a transgender shooter. With thoughtful perspectives on faith, identity, and social issues, Amy, Matt, and Olivia tackle these topics with intelligence and sensitivity.

Then, buckle up as they explore the intriguing subject of the moon landing hoax, separating fact from fiction and uncovering the truth behind this enduring conspiracy theory. From dissecting evidence to examining alternative viewpoints, our hosts provide a balanced and informative discussion on this fascinating topic.

Shifting gears, they turn their attention to the influential impact of Mattress Mac on the city of Houston, exploring his contributions to business, philanthropy, and community spirit. Through anecdotes and analysis, they shed light on his remarkable legacy.

Finally, no episode of The DUM Show Live would be complete without a deep dive into the political landscape. From dissecting Super Bowl commercials to analyzing the presidency of Joe Biden and the health challenges of past leaders, our hosts offer insightful commentary and lively debate on the issues shaping our world today.

So grab a seat and join Amy, Matt, and Olivia for an engaging and informative ride through the complexities of modern life. With their expertise and wit, you’re guaranteed an enlightening and enjoyable experience on The DUM Show Live!