Why the Congressional Softball Game Is a Waste of Time

I love baseball. I love politics too. But the combination of baseball and politics? Not so much. The annual congressional softball game, once a symbol of camaraderie, has become a complete waste of time. Sure, there’s something nostalgic about peanuts, cracker jacks, and American pie. But honestly, what’s better than watching political rivals swing bats, knock balls, and go out for a few pops afterward? I’ll tell you – doing their jobs.


This year’s game was a perfect illustration of why this tradition needs to be reevaluated. Climate protesters and Hamas supporters disrupted the event, casting a grim shadow over what should have been a fun, bipartisan gathering. Their presence was a stark reminder of the deep divisions within our society and the serious issues that demand our lawmakers’ attention.

The congressional softball game has been around since 1909, intended to foster goodwill among members of Congress. But let’s be honest, this quaint tradition feels more like a cynical distraction than a genuine attempt at unity. It allows politicians to don their team jerseys and pretend to bridge the partisan divide for a few hours while the real work goes undone.

The game might seem harmless on the surface, but it highlights a deeper issue in American politics. The more we treat political parties like sports teams, the more we entrench ourselves in opposing corners, focusing on “owning” the other side rather than addressing the critical issues facing our nation. This game, dressed up as charity, is nothing more than a convenient distraction from the gross dereliction of duty and out-of-control spending that plagues Washington the other 364 days of the year.

Let’s not forget the tragic shooting of Steve Scalise during practice for the 2017 game. A gunman targeting Republican lawmakers opened fire, seriously wounding Scalise and others. It was a stark reminder of the volatility and danger that now permeate our political landscape. Yet, despite such a harrowing incident, the game continues, as if a few hours of softball could bridge the chasm of mistrust and hatred that has only grown deeper since that day.


Let’s dive into some numbers to highlight the absurdity. The total net worth of the Democratic players in the game is a staggering $353.81 million, with an average of $13.10 million per person. Dan Goldman alone holds $253 million of that total. On the Republican side, the 35 players have a combined net worth of $73.2 million, averaging $2.08 million each. These figures aren’t just numbers; they signify a significant disconnect between our lawmakers and the average American citizen.

While they play their game, we should remember where our money is really going. The event raised $2 million, which will be distributed among several charities. While it’s nice to see funds going to worthy causes, let’s not forget the bigger picture. The national budget for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America is approximately $1.8 billion. To put things in perspective, with the money we’ve spent on the failed border this year and the aid given to Ukraine, we could fund the Boys & Girls Clubs of America for the next 150 years.

Consider this: the average annual budget for a typical nonprofit organization in the U.S. is around $2 million. Using this figure, you could fund approximately 150,000 average-sized charities for one year with $300 billion. We’ve spent $150 billion on Ukraine and wasted $150 billion on border security failures. Enough is enough.

When we break down the overall salaries and net worth of these politicians, it becomes evident that while Republicans might have more modest and realistic nest eggs for their pay, the Democrats’ finances are out of control. The average net worth of Democratic players is astronomically higher than their Republican counterparts, highlighting a significant imbalance.

But let’s get real for a moment. In no other sector, especially not in blue-collar America, do workers get baseball games and company picnics as rewards for failure. In Washington, we not only reward mediocrity but outright celebrate failure and nonsensical wins. Political convictions become badges of honor, and small, greedy warlords wearing blue and yellow or the colors of mother Russia are lauded, despite the chaos they bring.

This isn’t just about a game; it’s about the integrity of our political system and the priorities of those we elect to serve. Baseball is America’s pastime, and so is spending money we don’t have. Maybe, instead of taking time off for these archaic practices, we should create a new tradition of representing our constituents, balancing the budget, and stopping the acceptance of dark money and PAC contributions. In other words, let the players play and the bakers bake. Let’s stop the foxes from stealing chickens from the henhouse.

Our politicians are striking out for America, and it’s time to dump the roster and rebuild from scratch. The congressional softball game might offer a brief respite from the daily grind of politics, but it ultimately serves as a stark reminder of the disconnect between our lawmakers and the people they represent. It’s time for our politicians to step up to the plate and start addressing the real issues facing our nation. Enough with the games – it’s time to get serious about doing their jobs.

The facade of bipartisan camaraderie at the softball game only highlights how far removed our elected officials are from the realities of everyday Americans. We need representatives who are more interested in tackling the real problems at hand rather than engaging in performative acts of unity. The charity aspect of the game, while commendable, does little to offset the vast sums of money wasted on ineffective policies and foreign aid.

So, as the bats swing and the balls fly, let’s remember what really matters. Our country is facing immense challenges that can’t be solved by a game of softball. It’s time for our lawmakers to hang up their jerseys, roll up their sleeves, and get to work. They owe it to us – the people they are supposed to represent – to focus on the pressing issues at hand, not to distract us with games and charity events that serve more as photo ops than solutions.

In the end, it’s about priorities. Our politicians need to prioritize the needs of the American people over their own interests and distractions. The game of politics is too important to be played with bats and balls. It’s time for real leadership, real accountability, and real solutions. Let’s stop the games and start working for the future of our nation.

Oh, and Democrats, if you really want to help, why don’t you address the fatherless homes and crime epidemics in the 37 out of the top 50 most violent cities in America? That will do more to limit the need for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America because children will actually have fathers to come home to.

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