CNN Finally Does Their Job, Biden is Losing His Mind and More!

Show Recap February 09, 2024

To provide an accurate and engaging show recap for tonight’s episode of the “Don’t Unfriend Me Show,” featuring hosts Olivia, Matt, and Leeroy, let’s break down the main topics and segments that were covered.

Opening Segment

The show kicked off with a lively introduction from the trio, setting the stage for an evening of intense discussions and witty banter. They quickly dove into the heart of the show, touching upon a variety of politically charged and historical topics.

Discussion on Tucker Carlson, Russian History, and Vladimir Putin

The first major segment focused on Tucker Carlson’s recent commentary, intertwining it with a deep dive into Russian history and Vladimir Putin’s influence. The hosts explored the complexities of the Bolshevik Revolution and its long-term impacts, connecting the dots to the current situation in Ukraine. This discussion provided viewers with a nuanced understanding of the geopolitical tensions and historical contexts shaping today’s headlines.

Elise Stefanik vs. Katie Collins on CNN

Moving on, Olivia, Matt, and Leeroy analyzed the heated exchange between Elise Stefanik and Katie Collins on CNN. They dissected the political strategies at play, offering insights into the broader implications of such public confrontations. The hosts’ analysis highlighted the polarized nature of American politics, inviting viewers to consider the underlying issues fueling these disputes.

Will Scouts Remove Donald Trump from the Ballot?

A significant portion of the show was dedicated to Matt’s recap of a previous episode that asked whether Donald Trump could be removed from the ballot. This led to a discussion on Article 3 of the Constitution, with Matt providing a detailed explanation of the legal frameworks and precedents relevant to this contentious question. The segment was both informative and thought-provoking, encouraging viewers to think critically about the legal and constitutional underpinnings of electoral politics.

Fact-Checking Joe Biden’s Document Scandal

Leeroy took the lead in this segment, fact-checking President Joe Biden’s document scandal. After thorough analysis, Leeroy stated that Biden lied, presenting evidence and arguments to support this conclusion. This segment was crucial for viewers seeking clarity on the issue, as it dissected the facts, separating truth from misinformation.

Light-Hearted Ending with Little Johnny Jokes

To wrap up the show on a lighter note, each host shared their best “Little Johnny” jokes, bringing laughter and a sense of camaraderie to the evening. This segment was a perfect counterbalance to the more serious discussions, reminding viewers of the importance of humor in navigating the complexities of current events.


Tonight’s episode of the “Don’t Unfriend Me Show” was a rollercoaster of emotions, blending in-depth political analysis with historical insights and a touch of humor. Olivia, Matt, and Leeroy proved once again why they’re a dynamic team, capable of tackling a wide range of topics while keeping their audience engaged and entertained.

3 thoughts on “CNN Finally Does Their Job, Biden is Losing His Mind and More!

  1. This show is by far, The most unbiased and factual conservative podcast I’ve ever watched. Calling out Democrats and Republicans is both fair and what the American public need to hear.

  2. It’s not Biden, he’s not doing anything. It’s the far left Communist democrats that are running things in his name that’s the problem. The old fool only knows what they tell him. But don’t get me wrong, no matter what they try to say, or do, there’s nothing they can say that makes any sense about the open borders. We got terrorists pouring in at will, we got the world’s trash walking in, and the democrats are responsible for it all. They won’t even arrest the guilty illegals for the crimes they commit. They need the new illegal votes in order to fix the elections for them to stay in control. That’s the bottom line for the far left Communist democrat party. You saw how they acted when the illegals were sent to their places in Martha Vineyard. It’s that way now in the states that cryed they were safe states for the illegals. They want the votes but not them living in their neighborhoods. This is the stupidest BS the democrats ever did, and its hurting our country so bad, we may never recover from it. Are you really saying your ok with this BS of the far left democrat communist democrat party ??? If so, then your part of the problem . Not the solution. Your not a true American, you don’t like the freedom we had. That alone makes you one of the most retarded people out there and there’s no hope for you. Just look at them on tv who cry for the democrats. Thats what you look like now. What the is wrong with you idoits ???

  3. cnn is just trying to get some ratings back but (and there’s always a but), they’ve been liars for so long that if they told the whole truth from now on they’d still be looked at as liars for the democrats…

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