Rachel Levine, Alex Stein #99, and Brad “Bad” Berkwitt


Intro: 00:00

Brad Isn’t Bad: 00:58

Dude looks like a: 06:37

Alex Sh!tstain 99: 10:01

Closing: 16:33

First, witness a lecture by Adm. Rachel Levine, as he/she addresses a crowd on the topic of priorities amidst adversity. However, her/his message faces scrutiny as she/he navigates the sensitive topic of racial disparities and C0VID. 

Meanwhile, the spotlight shifts to Alex Stein #99, whose confrontational demeanor sparks clashes wherever he goes. From his contentious interactions with women to his confrontations with supporters of Nikki Haley, Alex’s behavior raises questions about accountability and respect in public discourse.

Then, meet Brad “Bad” Berkwitt, whose online persona clashes with reality as he adopts a heroic facade. As he blocks dissenting voices and disparages veterans with opposing political views, the truth behind his actions comes under scrutiny. Will Brad confront the contradictions in his beliefs, or will he continue to perpetuate division?