Why “The Noah Option” Could Predict Our Future – Don’t Miss This Insightful Interview!

In a recent episode of The Don’t Unfriend Me Show, host Matthew Speer welcomed Michael McCarthy, author of “The Noah Option,” for a compelling and wide-ranging conversation. Matthew began by expressing his honor at having Michael on the show and inviting him to share a bit about his background and the experiences that led him to become an author. Michael obliged, offering a glimpse into his life and what inspired him to write his thought-provoking book.


The discussion quickly turned to the intriguing title of Michael’s book. Matthew, always fascinated by the origins of things, asked Michael about the etymology of “The Noah Option.” Michael explained that the title is meant to evoke a sense of impending doom and extinction-level events, drawing a parallel to the biblical story of Noah. This sparked a broader discussion on the book’s themes, including potential catastrophic events and the idea of a prophetic warning embedded within the narrative.

Adding a touch of humor, Matthew imagined Noah walking into a modern-day Home Depot and asking for pallets of gopher wood. This light-hearted moment underscored the challenge of making ancient metaphors resonate with contemporary audiences. Matthew’s co-host, Leroy, known for his sharp analytical mind, was also mentioned as someone who would appreciate the book’s deeper themes, especially its economic and geopolitical angles.

One of the key characters in “The Noah Option” is Dr. Grace Washington, a beautiful botanist. Matthew was particularly interested in Michael’s process of character development and whether the story or the characters come first in his writing. Michael revealed that his characters often emerge organically as the story unfolds, each designed to fit seamlessly into the narrative.

The topic of “super seeds” in Michael’s book led to an engaging dialogue about agricultural innovation and the balance between science fiction and reality. Matthew and Michael discussed the scientific plausibility of such concepts and their potential as a predictive tool for future possibilities.


The conversation naturally veered into real-world geopolitical issues, particularly the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Matthew highlighted the significant impact this conflict has on global agriculture, given that these countries are major producers of potash and fertilizer. He questioned how this real-world scenario aligns with the themes in Michael’s book and the potential for a future world famine, especially in impoverished nations.

Michael’s insights into government overreach and regulation provided a critical perspective on how innovation is often stifled. He compared the situation to historical examples, such as the restrictive agricultural policies in Maoist China, which were eventually overcome by localized initiatives that spurred growth and prosperity.

As the conversation continued, Matthew and Michael discussed the influence of other writers on Michael’s work. Michael acknowledged the impact of authors like Vince Flynn, whose Mitch Rapp series had subtle influences on his own characters. This led to a broader discussion on the role of influential writers and how they shape an author’s voice and style.


Towards the end of the interview, Matthew shared a story about Steve Jobs and his meticulous attention to detail, even in areas that were not visible to others. This anecdote served as a metaphor for the importance of perfection and integrity in one’s work, resonating with the themes of Michael’s book.

In wrapping up, Matthew asked Michael to pitch “The Noah Option” to potential readers in one minute. Michael eloquently highlighted the book’s relevance and its ability to make readers think critically about the future and the impact of current events on a global scale.

This episode of The Don’t Unfriend Me Show was not just an interview but a thought-provoking dialogue that touched on literature, science, geopolitics, and the human condition. It underscored the show’s commitment to honest, direct, and unfiltered conversations that challenge the status quo and encourage deeper understanding.

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  1. This is in revelations about the anti – christ very dangerous book and man science is evil and a creation of Satan.

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