New York Judge Rules Against Trump: Liable for Civil Fraud, Faces $350 Million Damages

In a significant legal development, New York judge Arthur Engoron has determined that former President Donald Trump bears liability for damages in a civil fraud case involving him and his business entity, the Trump Organization.

Judge Engoron’s verdict mandates Trump and his affiliated businesses to pay in excess of $350 million in damages. Additionally, the ruling imposes a three-year prohibition on Trump’s involvement in conducting business operations within New York State.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump addresses the crowd during a campaign event on July 1, 2023, in Pickens, South Carolina. (Image credit: Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

The lawsuit was initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, alleging fraudulent business practices by Trump and his organization. The courtroom proceedings were marked by contentious exchanges, with Judge Engoron at times issuing partial gag orders to prevent Trump from criticizing court personnel.

James sought damages totaling $370 million, along with a 9% interest penalty from Trump. Any funds awarded are slated for deposit into the New York State Treasury unless redirected by the state comptroller.

Trump consistently dismissed the trial as a politically motivated “witch hunt,” accusing both Judge Engoron and Attorney General James of partisan agendas. His legal team frequently criticized the absence of a jury in the trial.

Judge Arthur Engoron oversees the civil fraud trial involving former President Donald Trump and his children at the New York State Supreme Court on November 13, 2023, in New York City. (Image credit: Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images)

A spokesperson for Trump lamented the absence of a jury trial, emphasizing the perceived absurdity of the case’s merits and asserting the absence of any wrongdoing.

Throughout the proceedings, Trump and his family vehemently denied any wrongdoing, contending that their assets were undervalued. Trump’s legal representatives emphasized disclaimers in financial statements and the expectation for banks to conduct independent assessments.

Trump maintained the integrity of his financial statements, asserting their flawlessness and highlighting the repayment of bank loans to the satisfaction of lenders.

During the trial, Trump’s defense called upon witnesses, including former top executives from Deutsche Bank, who testified to the institution’s eagerness to engage in further business with Trump, whom they regarded as a highly lucrative client. Expert witnesses, such as New York University accounting professor Eli Bartov, were also enlisted by Trump’s defense. Bartov scrutinized the financial statements central to the case and testified to the absence of accounting fraud or material misstatements.

The case was initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, alleging fraudulent business practices by Trump and the Trump Organization. (Photo by Brittainy Newman, AP)

Attorney General James’ office sought additional sanctions, including a five-year ban on Trump, his sons, and other defendants from applying for loans in New York. They also proposed a prohibition on the Trump Organization’s involvement in real estate transactions for the same duration.

Trump and his legal team highlighted statements made by Attorney General James during her campaign, characterizing her intentions as adversarial towards Trump.

Judge Engoron’s ruling follows a previous determination in September, where he found Trump and the Trump Organization guilty of fraud in the construction of Trump’s real estate empire. This ruling represents another legal setback for Trump, coming shortly after a defamation case filed by writer E. Jean Carroll, which resulted in an order for Trump to pay over $83 million in damages.

14 thoughts on “New York Judge Rules Against Trump: Liable for Civil Fraud, Faces $350 Million Damages

  1. AG & Judge cannot get away with these shananagans. I hope all this backfires big time, they both deserve to be put in jail. How sad for N.Y. Just watch and see how many businesses will move out.

    1. America the land of my dream is now ruled by a Gangster Government, and New York court is a Gangster Court ruled by corrupted judge and a stupid DA – female of dark color who hate a White people. Corruption judge Engo wrong is a real gowrong like his name. Low life immoral and corruption like mafia. I watched the T.V. show of Blue Bloods and I thought that becoming a DA is required education, ethic and moral but that female DA james is not, she just got the job because she is black, female and stupid. Did she and judge Engo Wrong has sexual relationship that’s why they just be together so bad.

  2. Trump is acused of fraud where there is no fraud. Blacks have to commit racism, because Whites are not committing any racist acts. Socialism usually ends in mass murder, Amerika will be no different. prepare, IT won’t be pretty

  3. To distroy the country, you must distroy the legal system. Here it is. No one damaged, fake charges and fleece anyone at any time. Warning shot to everyone, don’t mess with the deep state.

  4. This judge is a political hack who is overlooking the law, and imposing sentence on Trump with nothing more then personal hatred and emotional malice towards the defendent. Him and the incompetent DA should lose their law license. As far as the city of New York, it will suffer financially by losing the business of big real estate dealers who will be afraid of being the next person to be railroaded by the Democrat Machine.

    1. Corruption leads to injustice. America is now control by Gangster’s government with the Gangster judge Engoron whose wife and him are so jealous of President Trump because they wanted to be joining President Trump class but they unable to. From low life and immoral couple. Jihad is now in the American court this is evil.

  5. No matter what my President Trump does is wrong in the eyes of the dems….the evil demon-crats. They will get what is coming to them whether it be in hell or on earth they will get it back 100 times fold.

  6. Thank you Judge Engoron for giving us 349 reasons to vote for Trump!!! You are a disgrace to the judicial system and I cannot wait until you are taken down. Your performance on the bench was one of disrespect. Your constant on camera antics were despicable, taking off your glasses and smiling and smirking did not make you a STAR but an idiot. Hope you get disbarred and put out to pasture, which is what you deserve!!

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