Joe Biden: Top 10 Stupideristic Moments of 2023

In a year filled with twists, turns, and downright absurdity, President Biden’s tenure in 2023 was a rollercoaster ride of unexpected accomplishments that left even the most imaginative satirists struggling to keep up. Let’s strap ourselves in and delve deeper into the top 10 jaw-dropping feats of the Biden administration:

#10 – Foodie Fiasco: In an unintentional stroke of genius, Biden inadvertently addressed the obesity crisis by sending food prices skyrocketing to unprecedented heights. Who needs diet plans when the cost of groceries becomes a natural appetite suppressant? It’s the ultimate weight-loss strategy, courtesy of the Biden administration.

#10 – Cocaine Cleanup Crew: Say goodbye to the days of stumbling upon mysterious bags of cocaine littered around the White House! Biden donned his Hazmat suit and led the charge to sanitize the premises, restoring dignity to the Oval Office one baggie at a time. The cleanup crew’s efforts were a testament to their dedication to maintaining a drug-free workplace.

#10 – Junk Fee Justice: Have you ever been hit with exorbitant fees during a hotel stay? Fear not, for Biden emerged as the hero of weary travelers by shielding American hostages from the scourge of hotel junk fees during their stay with Hamas. Not a single junk fee dared to rear its ugly head under his vigilant gaze, ensuring that travelers could focus on their safety rather than their wallets.

#10 – Border Blunder Bonanza: Setting records left and right, Biden achieved the unthinkable by shattering the all-time high for illegal border crossings. With his unmatched popularity drawing migrants like moths to a flame, the border became a bustling thoroughfare of activity, sparking both admiration and consternation among observers.

#10 – Health Hilarity: Biden didn’t just raise awareness of health issues; he catapulted it to stratospheric heights. From dementia to incontinence, he covered the entire gamut of bodily maladies, transforming the White House into a veritable medical encyclopedia. Who knew that the halls of power could also serve as a hub of health education?

#10 – Ukrainian Unicorn Uprising: Forget Silicon Valley; Biden orchestrated a billionaire bonanza in Ukraine, turning it into an unexpected hotspot for the nouveau riche. The Ukrainian oligarchs owe their newfound fortunes to none other than Biden himself, who proved that political turmoil could be surprisingly profitable for those in the right place at the right time.

#10 – Capitol Comedy Hour: Transparency took center stage as Biden’s administration unleashed a torrent of behind-the-scenes footage, offering a peek into the inner workings of Capitol Hill. Capitol staffers became unlikely celebrities, their coffee runs and paper jams immortalized for posterity. Who knew that the mundane minutiae of legislative life could be so entertaining?

#10 – Democracy Defender: Why bother with checks and balances when you have Biden? He took matters into his own hands, ensuring that no political opponents could thwart his ambitions. With his iron grip on power, Biden demonstrated that sometimes, the ends justify the means when it comes to protecting democracy (or at least his version of it).

#10 – Vacation Virtuoso: Biden redefined the art of relaxation by spending a staggering 40% of his time on vacation. A true connoisseur of leisure, he demonstrated that sometimes, the best way to lead is by lounging poolside with a piña colada in hand. Critics may scoff, but Biden’s commitment to self-care was a refreshing departure from the usual grind of political life.

AND FINALLY… #1 – Kamala Savior Saga: Last but certainly not least, Biden’s most heroic feat: thwarting the looming specter of a Kamala Harris presidency. Through sheer determination and perhaps a dash of luck, Biden remained steadfast in his resolve to keep America safe from the dreaded prospect of a Harris administration. Whether you view him as a savior or a self-serving politician, there’s no denying that Biden’s ability to outmaneuver his opponents is a force to be reckoned with.

You know you’re in for a bumpy ride when you start looking back fondly on 2023, thinking, “Well, it can’t get any worse… or could it?” Brace yourselves, because if 2023 was a comedy of errors, 2024 might just be a full-blown farce starring Joe Biden. Get ready for more gaffes, mix-ups, and political pratfalls than you can shake a cane at. Who knows, maybe by the end of it, we’ll all be longing for the good ol’ days of 2023. But hey, at least we’ll have some new material for bingo night, right?

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