CNN Legal Analyst: “Biden’s Lying About Classified Docs”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a recent turn of events that has potential implications for President Joe Biden’s prospects in the 2024 election, a press conference and subsequent developments have cast a shadow over his handling of classified information prior to his presidency. The special counsel Robert Hur released a report concluding that Biden would not face charges over his handling of classified materials, yet the details within the report and Biden’s responses during a press conference have sparked controversy and could have lasting effects on his political future.

Impact on 2024 Election

1. Questions About Transparency and Honesty President Biden’s combative stance and inaccuracies during the press conference, where he made claims clearly contradicted by Hur’s report, may lead voters to question his transparency and honesty. These traits are crucial for a presidential candidate, and any doubt could sway undecided voters or even alienate some of his supporters.

2. Comparison with Previous Administrations Biden’s attempt to contrast his handling of classified material with former President Donald Trump’s could backfire, especially considering the inaccuracies in his statements. Voters who are critical of Trump’s handling of classified documents may not view Biden’s actions as favorably as he suggests, potentially weakening his argument for moral or procedural superiority.

3. Security of Classified Documents The revelation that classified documents were stored insecurely at Biden’s private residence, including in an “unsealed” and “badly damaged” box in a garage, contradicts Biden’s claims of secure storage. This issue could concern voters who prioritize national security, impacting Biden’s image as a candidate capable of safeguarding the nation’s secrets.

4. Misleading Statements Biden’s misleading statements about the classification level of the documents he possessed, including his false claim that none of the material was highly classified, could undermine his credibility. Voters expect integrity from their leaders, and perceived dishonesty could diminish voter trust and enthusiasm.

5. Legal and Ethical Concerns Although Biden will not face charges, the special counsel’s findings and Biden’s own statements may raise legal and ethical concerns among voters. The detailed discrepancies highlighted by Hur, such as the mishandling of sensitive information and sharing classified material with a ghostwriter, might lead to a perception of carelessness or disregard for protocol, impacting Biden’s reputation for competence and responsibility.

6. Media Scrutiny and Opposition Attacks The controversy provides fodder for media scrutiny and opposition attacks, likely becoming a talking point in election campaigns. How Biden addresses these concerns and whether he can effectively counter the narrative could significantly influence his electoral prospects.

7. Voter Confidence and Decision Making Ultimately, these developments could affect voter confidence in Biden’s leadership and decision-making abilities. In an election, perceptions matter as much as, if not more than, facts. The narrative surrounding Biden’s handling of classified documents and his responses to the controversy could influence voter sentiment and decision-making at the polls.

As President Joe Biden looks toward the 2024 election, the fallout from the document scandal and his handling of it could pose significant challenges. The key will be how effectively he and his campaign can address these concerns, reassure voters of his commitment to transparency and security, and shift the focus to his policy achievements and vision for the future. The impact of this controversy will depend on the evolving political landscape and the public’s perception of Biden’s accountability and leadership in the coming months.

10 thoughts on “CNN Legal Analyst: “Biden’s Lying About Classified Docs”

  1. It’s my understanding that Biden had no legal authority to have these documents to begin with. Every President legally takes documents with them after they leave office. The law needs to be clear on this mater. Do Congress, Senators and Vice President, have the same legal right to take official documents, while in office and after leaving office ?

    1. Simply put, they have some authority to take documents, but it is supposed to be run through the National Archives.
      They have absolutely NO authority to do so with Classified Documents.
      The President has authority to declassify documents, but not the VP and definitely not Senators or Representatives.
      That is the question facing Trump in the Mar-A-Lago case. Did he use the proper authority to declassify what he took? That question will not be raised with Biden as they already know the answer. He had no authority, period.

    2. BTW, when biden left office he wasn’t president. When he left the senate, he wasn’t president. But yet he’s given a pass. If this were a republican, his azz would be in jail right now waiting to start serving his life sentence for espionage and treason.

    1. He used lies to become Senator. He got his first election by claiming his opponent was too old to do the job, at 68.

  2. From a quora post will publish exactly how perverted is our executive branch of governance…and the “departments” under POTUS control (who have not passed an AUDIT in four years – and counting). Here goes (so classified documents are ADMINISTRATIVE STATES “bread and butter”). Most people are totally unaware of exactly how much power POTUS has. Let’s break it all down into “bitty” pieces.
    1) Executive branch, POTUS is a benevolent Dictator. Must operate “lawfully.” Can direct any executive agency to do as desired. Tenure is limited. Congress can remove POTUS, so skirting abuse of power, quite common . But it’s there for them to use and abuse (“I have a pen and phone!!!”).
    POTUS is “Commander in Chief” of all military, directs it accordingly. Congress will de-fund abuses. But as absolute authority on military policy, including all number of bases and members around the world, decision=making is his to execute…waffle on, misuse (Afghanistan -$85 billion wasted, 113 military killed; Benghazi-Ambassador Stevens killed).
    POTUS is: 1)Head of State! (figurehead of “United States of America”) and 2) head of government (political head of all government of United States of America). Other countries split both into separate parts. IN USA they’re joined, thus giving a president a higher level of authority than seen in other world leaders.
    POTUS appoints many powerful positions! 1)cabinet secretaries (State & Defense); 2)ambassadors and 3) directors of semi-autonomous agencies ( CIA, NSA and FBI); 4)Chairman of Federal Reserve bank (most powerful economic position in ALL USA). 5) appoints judges to lower courts and justices to Supreme Court; only power to hear, decide, interpret all laws within the USA. All FIVE must be confirmed by US Senate. POTUS chooses their “likes” and are approved. Lower court judges take longer..
    US President is leader of the free world. Other countries Leaders turn to US for permission and guidance when engaging in any number of activities. Libya is one recent example, others soon followed. POTUS can veto any bill Congress submits only with 2/3 votes within both chambers.
    POTUS is basically the world’s largest, most profilgate “spy in chief” receiving massive arrays of intelligence from 16 major spy agencies (so, yes Biden knew what Xi Jinping was “up to” and what Putin was doing, before he did it!!!!)! How big is USA’s intelligence community? Enormous. OUR “US INTEL” community receives more funding than any other MILITARY on earth!!! Got It? That is: Our USA spends more on “intelligence gathering (read; snooping)” than any earthly nation!!! Even China’s (except for it’s “Social Scoring System”)! Got IT?? About $US 780 Billion(and they haven’t passed one single AUDIT in the last four years). Let’s continue: The next four largest INTEL spenders are China($US114 billion -inflated); France ($US 61 billion);UK ($57 billion) and ; Russia ($53 billion}. Folks, that’s $US 780 billion spent in ALL USA vs. $US285 in four of the nearest rivals of USA…for INTEL!!! GOT IT? So, President Elect Biden Is just plain lying about “some boxes of classified documents (850 boxes found including the Chinese Building in Washington DC’s “China Town,” under guard by a chinese group in charge of that building…Got it?). Read a Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. God Bless.

  3. Com on man, what didn’t Biden lie about. First it was about Trump and Russia, then about burning city’s and crime, then open borders. Not it’s about everything he did and blames trump for it even after 3+ years of bidens ideas and his doings. The illegal documents is the last straw tho, if he can’t stand trials then how is supposed to run the country. He couldn’t even run a kool-aid stand on the corner. Just more lies and cover ups from the far left Communist democrat party and now we get to see who the stupid people are that fall for this lie and corruption. Remember, no one is above the law … right ??? You can’t make this stupid BS up it really is happening and we all see it right out in the open. Now, what are you going to do about the lies and corruption of the far left Communist democrat party ??? See how this story end, And who the real fools are.

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