Biden: Liar-in-Chief Dishonors Veterans

In this episode, we dive deep into the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan under President Joe Biden’s administration. Hosted by a former Military Intelligence analyst, we expose the strategic failures, the tragic loss of American lives, and the political blunders that marked this dark chapter in history. Hear firsthand accounts from those directly affected and uncover the truth behind the decisions that led to chaos and dishonor.

The Alarming Rise in Global Arms Deals and Its Implications for Future Conflicts

Recent data reveals a startling increase in global arms imports and exports, with major powers escalating their military capabilities at a rate reminiscent of pre-World War II. As the United States and Europe deepen their strategic ties through substantial arms transfers, and nations like India and Saudi Arabia ramp up their military arsenals, we must ask: are we on the brink of a new global conflict?