Bill Maher’s Crusade for a COVID Commission

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Bill Maher, the acerbic host of HBO’s “Real Time,” has once again stirred the pot with his latest appeal for the formation of a “COVID Commission” aimed at dissecting and understanding the nation’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Maher, who has navigated the tumultuous waters of American political discourse with a unique blend of skepticism and wit, articulated his frustration with the prevailing narrative of uncertainty that has lingered since the onset of COVID-19. His proposal for a commission is not just about accountability; it’s a plea for introspection and learning from the manifold missteps that characterized the global response to an unprecedented health crisis.

Bill Maher rips ‘panic porn’ Accuses media of overhyping the virus.


In advocating for such a commission, Maher is drawing on a rich tradition of using investigative panels to unearth truths and recommend reforms in the aftermath of national traumas. However, his call transcends mere procedural demand, embodying a deeper critique of both the societal and governmental mishandling of the pandemic. Maher’s argument is multifaceted, criticizing not only the initial responses to the pandemic but also the sustained reluctance to admit errors and adjust course accordingly.

Maher’s broadside against The Daily Beast for its 2021 characterization of his stance on the lab-leak theory underscores a larger frustration with the media landscape. The readiness with which his consideration of the theory was dismissed as conspiratorial reflects a broader issue Maher has grappled with: the stifling of discourse in the face of conformist pressures. Now, with the lab-leak theory gaining more acceptance and the Biden administration acknowledging its possibility, Maher’s early openness to the hypothesis seems not so much contrarian as it does prescient. Yet, Maher’s critique is less about vindication and more about the principle of open inquiry—a hallmark of his long-standing position as both a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

HBO host Bill Maher took a swipe at The Daily Beast for running a hit piece after he suggested COVID leaked from the Wuhan lab. (HBO Productions)

The missteps of the pandemic response, as Maher outlines, are numerous and varied. From the prolonged closure of schools to the underestimation of natural immunity compared to the COVID vaccine, Maher paints a picture of a response marred by overcaution and underestimation. His derision of the extreme sanitation measures and the vilification of outdoor activity is not just for comedic effect; it serves to highlight the irrationality that can prevail in times of fear and uncertainty. These examples illustrate a broader point about the suppression of dissenting opinions and the often disproportionate response to the unknown, which, according to Maher, has only served to validate those once-marginalized voices.

Furthermore, Maher’s examination of the pandemic’s aftermath, including the inadequate focus on air ventilation and the controversial gain of function research, reflects a critical eye towards both the unlearned lessons and the continued practices that may pose future risks. His commentary on the financial aspects of the pandemic response, especially the fraudulent misappropriation of relief funds, dovetails with his long-standing critique of governmental inefficiency and fiscal irresponsibility.

In true Maher fashion, the critique extends into the political arena, where he lambasts the cyclical nature of political blame and the seemingly inevitable return to the status quo. His ironic suggestion that the pandemic’s handling—or mishandling—might pave the way for a political comeback for Donald Trump is emblematic of Maher’s disillusionment with the political learning curve.

Usher Kathy Stock wears a face shield and mask as she waits for fans to enter an MLB spring training game in Arizona in February. Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Yet, Maher’s call for a COVID Commission is not merely an exercise in finger-pointing. It represents a genuine desire for a constructive reassessment of how the nation responds to crises. By drawing parallels to historical commissions like the Warren and 9/11 Commissions, Maher is advocating for a structured and comprehensive review process that could yield actionable insights and prevent future missteps.

The essence of Maher’s argument lies in the balance he has sought to maintain throughout his career: a balance between fiscal conservatism and social liberalism. This blend of ideologies positions him uniquely to critique the pandemic response from both a financial and a societal perspective. His fiscal conservatism informs his scrutiny of the economic decisions made during the pandemic, while his social liberalism underpins his advocacy for open dialogue and the consideration of diverse viewpoints.

Maher’s call for a COVID Commission, therefore, is more than just a critique; it is a reflection of his broader worldview, one that champions reasoned debate, fiscal prudence, and social progress. As America and the world continue to navigate the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maher’s voice remains an important one, challenging conventional wisdom, questioning established narratives, and advocating for a more thoughtful and balanced approach to the challenges we face.

5 thoughts on “Bill Maher’s Crusade for a COVID Commission

  1. Just what America needs, Our Government investigating itself at the cost of taxpayers ! AGAIN !

    1. In a groundbreaking move that should serve as a wake-up call to the world, Japan has taken a bold stance against Covid mRNA vaccines, outright banning their public use. This decisive action comes on the heels of an official government study linking these injections directly to a disturbing increase in sudden deaths across the nation. It’s high time other countries take note and follow Japan’s lead in prioritizing the health and safety of their citizens over blind adherence to a flawed vaccination agenda.
      For too long, we’ve witnessed an alarming crisis unfold globally, with sudden and unexpected deaths skyrocketing since 2021. Japan’s situation has grown so severe that it now teeters on the brink of population collapse, as deaths outpace births—a dire consequence directly tied to these Covid injections. The evidence is clear: new studies within Japan have established a connection between these rising fatalities and the Covid vaccines.

      Shockingly, this revelation has sent tremors through the global scientific community. It turns out that dangerous contaminants found in these shots are compromising more than just those who’ve been vaccinated. The integrity of Japan’s blood transfusion stock is now at risk due to vaccinated individuals donating contaminated blood. This means that unvaccinated individuals receiving transfusions are unwittingly exposed to severe medical risks—a fact uncovered by Japanese research.

      The preprint review published on March 15 lays bare the dangers associated with receiving blood from COVID-19-vaccinated donors. Nations worldwide have reported serious health issues post-vaccination, including thrombosis leading to cardiovascular damage and diseases affecting every organ system. The review starkly warns that repeated vaccinations could actually increase susceptibility to COVID-19.

      It’s appalling that despite mounting evidence of harm, there’s been no move to develop technology for removing harmful spike proteins from blood before transfusion. These genetic vaccines leave genes and proteins lingering in recipients’ bloodstreams for extended periods, leading to widespread adverse events globally.

      The review doesn’t mince words: “there is no longer any doubt that the spike protein used as an antigen in genetic vaccines is itself toxic.” People subjected to multiple mRNA vaccine doses face heightened risks due to immune system imprinting, making them more prone to contracting COVID-19.

      Medical professionals must urgently heed the warnings about the risks tied to using blood products from long COVID sufferers and mRNA vaccine recipients. The full extent of damage caused by these genetic vaccines remains unknown—a chilling thought.

      This situation demands immediate suspension of genetic vaccine campaigns and a thorough harm-benefit assessment. Without such measures, we risk further contamination of our blood supply and exacerbating already critical health crises.

      Repeated vaccinations not only fail us but also pose grave dangers by altering immune function, leaving individuals vulnerable to opportunistic infections or viruses—a risk unthinkable with a normal immune system.

      The study’s findings are undeniable: unvaccinated individuals are suffering heart attacks, strokes, block clots, and sudden deaths post-transfusion—tragedies funded by members of the Japanese Society for Vaccine-related Complications and the Volunteer Medical Association without any declared conflict of interest.

      Japan’s bold stance against Covid mRNA shots isn’t just commendable; it’s a necessary act of defiance against a global health narrative gone awry. Other nations must take immediate action, putting the well-being of their citizens above all else. It’s time for leaders worldwide to show real courage and integrity by following Japan’s example before it’s too late.

  2. Mr. Maher is absolutely correct. A panel will discover that the virus was created in the United States and fine tuned at Wuhan. The virus has a US and EU patent on it. Was created by a corporation funded by Bill Gates. Look up the Pir Brite Corporation’s annual report to verify Bill Gates role in funding the virus. He states in it that they were using bat;s blood to try and cure bronchitis. The patent date was 23rd of July of 2015 (if it hasn’t disappeared from the patent office.) But a panel needs to investigate this and why it was moved to Wuhan. Doubt that the leak was accidental .
    Evidently Obama ordered that all this form of research be moved from the US.Way to many questions with few answers.

  3. NO to Covid Comm, rerun the J6 Comm for politics & Nothing solved
    Good idea like Rodgers Comm for Shuttle Challenger then
    But Today due to damn Politics NO

  4. Just more self promoting B.S. from Bill. He was all for it, now he isn’t. Waste of time taking ANYTHING he says as other than speaking to himself.

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