Biden Adjusts Marine One Walking Protocol, Now Regularly Accompanied by Aides

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Joe Biden, at 81 years old, has been experiencing an increasing number of public stumbles and falls, raising concerns among voters and political analysts alike about his physical health and capacity to continue in the demanding role of the presidency. These incidents, including slips while boarding Air Force One, falling off a bike, and awkward movements on stage, have led to noticeable changes in how the President is presented in public.

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Recently, President Biden altered his routine when walking to and from Marine One, the presidential helicopter. Traditionally seen walking solo across the South Lawn, Biden is now often flanked by aides. According to an Axios report, this new approach aims to draw less attention to his “shuffling, sometimes awkward and stiff gait.” This change was reportedly initiated by Biden himself, reflecting a strategic shift to mitigate the visual impact of his physical challenges.

Biden’s mobility issues were highlighted in February when he slipped while ascending the stairs to board Air Force One. Although he managed to catch himself on the handrail, this incident was not an isolated event. Throughout his presidency, Biden has had multiple near-misses and falls, leading to increased scrutiny of his physical fitness for office. In response, modifications have been made, such as employing shorter stairs for Air Force One and positioning Secret Service agents strategically to assist him when disembarking.


Further addressing his mobility challenges, Biden has begun wearing specially designed shoes, the “Hoka Transports,” which feature a wide sole for improved stability. These shoes have been endorsed by the American Podiatric Association for their benefits to foot health, indicating a serious approach to managing his mobility issues.

President Biden’s health has been a topic of discussion since his campaign, and his doctor has revealed that he suffers from “spinal arthritis” and “mild sensory peripheral neuropathy of the feet,” conditions that directly impact his movement. Biden undergoes regular physical therapy to manage these issues, but the visual evidence of his struggles has not gone unnoticed by the public and media.

US President Joe Biden, accompanied by Anita Dunn, senior advisor, Michael C. Donilon, another senior advisor, and Bruce Reed, White House deputy chief of staff, walks across the South Lawn of the White House to board Marine One in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. Credit: Ting Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images.

The political implications of Biden’s health are significant, especially as the Democrats appear to have no prominent alternative candidate for the upcoming presidential race. This situation places the party in a precarious position, as voter concerns about Biden’s age and physical capacity could influence their support. His health and the public’s perception of his ability to serve effectively are becoming increasingly central to the Democrats’ strategy moving forward.

The White House has attempted to control the narrative, emphasizing Biden’s active engagement in his duties and downplaying the severity of his physical limitations. However, the visual evidence from public appearances continues to fuel discussions and speculation about his capability to handle the presidency in the long term.

President Joe Biden fell while handing out diplomas at the 2023 United States Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony. – AP

As Biden continues to serve, the management of his public appearances will likely remain a critical aspect of his presidency. The adjustments made to his routine, the involvement of aides, and changes in his personal equipment all serve to support his mobility and present him as capable and vigorous. Nonetheless, these measures may not fully assuage public concerns, as the physical demands of the presidency are immense, and the visual signs of vulnerability are difficult to completely conceal.

The situation presents a challenge not only for Biden but for the Democratic Party as they approach a crucial election cycle. How they manage the narrative around Biden’s health and their strategies to either bolster confidence in his physical capacity or pivot in another direction will be key to their success. The coming months will be critical in shaping public perception and determining the political landscape for the next presidential term.

Thank you to Fox News’ Michael Lee & Nikolas Lanum for uncovering the main story for this report. 

11 thoughts on “Biden Adjusts Marine One Walking Protocol, Now Regularly Accompanied by Aides

    1. Roosevelt hid his physical disability, which was possible in those days with the collaboration of the press. The annual WHCD shows the press is still buddy-buddy with the president (except Trump whom they decided to hate) but they cannot hide much in this time where cameras are everywhere and anyone can have one.

  1. The ‘Bumbler-in-Chief’ is so out of touch that he counts each of his falls as a ‘trip’ around the world.

  2. Obviously, all those around him are loyal to him and not the United States of America. They know what this guy is doing, they know he is heading this country into Armagedón and they don’t care. These people need to be indited, tried and punished accordingly. Sing Sing comes to mind. These people whether they are in the military, FBI, Secret Service, CIA whatever are traitors to the USA and should be properly punished.

  3. This is what you get when a Congress woman fixes an election to place a demented old man in OUR White House because Trump called her bluff and bravado.

  4. Nancy Pelosie fixed and tampered with the election of 2020 that gave the Nation this old man who was way past his prime and never was anything but a blowhard democrat.

  5. Next comes the wheel chair and following that will be wheeling Him in on a gurney. If he dies, Will Dr Jill let him retire? I look for Dr Jill to begin a repeat of President Woodrow Wilson’s wife Edith, who ran the office of the President for over a year as President Wilson recovered from a stroke. No one got into the Presidential Bedroom but Edith Wilson during that time in History. She literally ran the United States of America.

  6. It all started years ago, when a car pulled up at a circus in Washington, and 18 clowns got out and have all cheated their way into power and are all much older, past their primes, but they cant or wont admit it. They should all be voted out, but if not, maybe their long naps are not far away. By the way, they have all been identified as liberal Dems. C’mon fellow citizens, help get them out of power asap.

  7. I’m sure Biden needs his aids to tap and wipe for him when he’s using the Presidential “throne”

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