⁣Biden Declares War on MAGA During SOTU

President Joe Biden’s recent address commenced with an evocative nod to history, referencing a pivotal moment from January 1941 when Franklin D. Roosevelt stood before the nation in a similar setting. To the casual observer, Biden’s choice to anchor his speech with this historical precedent might seem unusual or even arbitrary. However, a deeper analysis reveals this opening as a calculated move, steeped in historical significance and rhetorical strategy.


Roosevelt’s speech in 1941 was a landmark address delivered at a critical juncture in world history, as global conflict raged in the form of World War II. FDR’s call to action was not merely a policy briefing but a rallying cry, urging Congress and the American people toward a unified effort in what he framed as an existential battle on two fronts. This moment is etched in history as a testament to leadership in times of unparalleled crisis, highlighting the importance of national unity and determination against a common enemy.

By evoking Roosevelt’s address, Biden does more than pay homage to a key historical figure; he positions his leadership and the current moment within a continuum of significant American challenges. The implicit comparison suggests that Biden perceives the stakes today as similarly monumental, requiring a collective resolve and action reminiscent of the effort mobilized during World War II.

Interpreting Biden’s invocation of this historical moment as a declaration of a domestic war against political adversaries, however, ventures into contentious territory. Such a reading suggests Biden views the current political opposition not merely as competitors within the democratic process but as existential threats akin to the adversaries faced by Roosevelt. This perspective casts today’s political climate in starkly divisive terms, framing ideological opposition in the context of moral and existential conflict.


The assertion that Biden views supporters of the Republican nominee for U.S. President as morally equivalent to historical foes like the Nazis is provocative and polarizing. Comparisons of contemporary political figures or movements to such extreme historical examples carry significant weight and risk inflaming tensions further. They can oversimplify complex political realities and deepen divisions, hindering rather than helping constructive dialogue and cooperation.

The former president took to his social media platform Truth Social Thursday night to offer a play-by-play commentary of President Biden’s speech.

President Joe Biden has made several remarks about “MAGA extremists” that have sparked debate and drawn attention to his view of a faction within the Republican party. One notable instance occurred in a speech where he explicitly referred to MAGA supporters as representing an extremism that threatens the very foundations of the republic. For example, in a speech delivered in Philadelphia on September 1, 2022, Biden stated, “MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards,” adding that they “promote authoritarian leaders and fan the flames of political violence.”

In another instance, Biden criticized the MAGA movement’s alignment with policies and ideologies he finds contrary to democratic values, asserting that the movement is “undermining democracy” and that its agenda is “extreme” as it poses a significant threat to the future of the United States. During remarks at the White House on May 4, 2022, he emphasized, “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution, they do not believe in the rule of law, they do not recognize the will of the people.”

Steve Nikoui, 51, was removed from the chamber by U.S. Capitol Police when he began shouting during the address. – Shawn Thew/Reuters

During President Biden’s speech, the heart-wrenching shouts of Steve Nikoui, who mourns his son Kareem Nikoui lost in the turbulent Afghanistan withdrawal, filled the air. He cried out “United States Marines” and “Abbey Gate!” in a raw expression of his profound grief and demand for acknowledgment. I urge everyone to keep the Nikoui family in your thoughts tonight, and to call for the respect and justice Kareem’s memory warrants. In a deeply unfortunate turn of events, amidst his genuine cries for justice, Steve Nikoui was arrested and handcuffed. This response starkly contrasts with the solemn respect due to such expressions of grief, especially poignant as it occurred in a moment when President Biden was observed checking his watch at a ceremony honoring the 13 service members who made the ultimate sacrifice, underscoring the call for a more empathetic and honorable recognition of their service.

In today’s deeply polarized environment, invoking historical moments of crisis and leadership can serve multiple purposes: providing perspective, drawing lessons from the past, and motivating action. Yet, it is crucial to approach these comparisons with sensitivity and a nuanced understanding of their implications. The challenges faced today are unique in their context and require solutions tailored to the contemporary landscape of political, social, and economic issues.

The framing of political discourse as a form of warfare against domestic opposition raises important questions about the nature of democracy and the ways in which leaders mobilize support for their agendas. While it is understandable that leaders may seek to draw parallels with past moments of unity and determination in the face of adversity, it is essential to balance such comparisons with an emphasis on dialogue, pluralism, and the democratic process.

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  2. Biden is truly delusional and seems to be afflicted with paranoid personality disorder. The ‘tough guy’ who cannot self-navigate (laughing)…

  3. Leave it to Joe to condem others for what he and his party are already doing. Do as I say, not as I do.

  4. It is obvious that lying Joe was on an upper supplied by his handlers. Then they sent him out when he was on a downer and we found out that he was running for congress not a second teem. A total disgrace.

  5. Why would you attack your own citizens You would think he would be attempting to win them over Biden and his gaggle of criminals instead try to make it look like a need for his Brown Shirts to make sure the citizens are allowed to vote for what they are told to do This is what Biden has already attempted when he first arrived It is not MAGA it’s the truth that they hate There are things like we have people living on the streets but we are housing illegals We can send billions to other countries to shore up their borders while ours doesn’t exist Biden’s real fear is of going to jail He knows if skates by now for all he has done they will lock him up along with family members Members of the DOJ all of his so call cabinet members We have a VP that can’t tell dog shit from a California roll They are trying to blow smoke up our ass again with this His age is an asset They can’t say his memory because the DOJ said he was an old man with a poor memory So where does this asset come in The Biden crime family is on shut down now They are hiding Hunter because you don’t just turn off a habit like he has So he is still using and the cash is going So hopefully Hunter will get to the point that he is able to tell the truth So this Biden moron has more problems that are surrounding him other than MAGA These are self inflicted because of the family business You know parasites The threats lies extortion abuse of his position I am sure if he lasts to the election he will be so nutso that he will not be able to sign off on anything I think people have to notice I see people donating him a lot of money So in my opinion those are the same people who have deals who are being watched or they have something to hide and as the dominos fall it may end up in the spotlight We need people that call themselves as MAGA These are people who care They have values and not being treated like you will believe anything they say Those days are over They know that they have been lied to and insulted Biden is a racist He stood by his best friend Robert Bird the Grand whatever they call it for the state of SC for the KKK So I don’t Biden should open that can of worms because he will have Black voters that know different The entire White House Housekeeping staff quit because they were being treated in a racist manner and were not shown any respect none It is the same thing for Latino voters It always pisses me off listening about this vote for the Black vote or Latino vote If you treat people equal all the time you only have to do what is right

  6. I think the truck load of drugs he’s on is starting to effect his mental stability. No MAGA person even wants to get near him because we’ll end up in jail with some ridiculous reason based on a 200 year old event. Joe Biden has always been on the wrong side of every situation. He’s never been “bright”, but he was always devious and corrupt. Now, he’s just an old fading man with a mind of oatmeal.

  7. Biden evokes the faded shorts of FDR as his example of being a true “wartime leader” in his own image, and then later on takes a cheap shot at the US Army Air Corps for their bombing tactics during WWII. It seemed to slip through without much comment.

  8. Did Biden not campaign on “uniting the American people”? NOTHING says unity like trying to jail your opposition and “declaring war” on 1/2 the population!

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